Krzysztof Penderecki

December 13, 2008

He’s either crazy or a genius. Most likely both.

This is how he think out his music. WHOA.

More here, very cool.

Sports Photos

December 13, 2008

   Being in the right place at the right time pays off… but only for the photographer. Sorry, I can’t add a picture, but just click on the link.


29 More and Source

World Wonders

December 13, 2008

   I will most likely never see this, and that’s a tragedy.


Venezuela’s Everlasting Storm

       Story short, an ever lasting lightening storm.


Idaho’s Fire Rainbow

     Story short, the rain and sun and clouds have a party, leaving us with this.


You can get the Wiki articles on your own if you’re interested enough.

Sourse :

Everything Skit

December 5, 2008

Watch with an open mind and heart.